Fairytale Forest

Chapters 1 +2: The Beautiful Beginning

Chapter 2 begins January 1.

Price is $120.00
(This includes Chapter 2: Exploring Mixed Media Styles for Illustrating Your Tale - which begins January 2018.


Fairytales give me so much GREAT JOY! With each book I read it amazes me the power of the author’s imagination. From Winnie the Pooh to Neil Gaiman, the human beings capacity to come up with magical stories is absolutely limitless.

Well, for every human but me. 

Every so often I try to write fiction only to give up after a few days into it.  I can document my life and blog about it, that comes easy, but fiction is hard. Where do plots come from?  How do I create characters? If I had real talent, writing wouldn’t be this hard.  So, why bother?

In my desperate search for writing advice I came upon a system, a few magnificent little known tools that work, really work, and I want to share it with you.  

Fairytale Forest: Chapter 1 is an on-going space for you to learn to get over writers block and create the stories I know you have in you. 

What You Will Learn in this Workshop :

QUICKLY GET OVER WRITERS BLOCK: Discover the tools I use for Insta-stories. Benefit from the month’s of research I did all summer finding the best and easiest ways to come up with unique characters and riveting plots. Even if you have never been able to come up with fiction before, I promise you, these tools work.  - You don’t have to figure it out for yourself and its not complicated. 

INDULGE IN OBSESSED JOURNAL LOVE:  Use your love (and borderline obsession!) of journals: day planners and stationary to keep track and build your fairytale world!   

SURROUND YOURSELF WITH LIKE-MINDED CREATIVE CHEERLEADERS: With virtual write-ins, prompts, and live-stream chats, you will be motivated and inspired to keep writing.

JOIN IN COLLABORATIVE STORYTELLING:  Follow along with my story 'A Lovely Dream' as it is created.  Help me come up with scenes and plot twists, and gain inspiration for your own stories. Post your own outlines and stories and brainstorm with each other. 

 Chapter 2: Character Illustration is included. (Starting January 2018)

ACCESS UNTIL NOVEMBER 1, 2018 - My goal is to have a fully written and illustrated novel by this time next year. You may start this workshop at anytime. This is a workshop for complete beginners. If you have always wanted to be a chick who wrote little stories, I can absolutely help you! 



 ONCE there was a little girl who was probably more sensitive and imaginative then the people around her.  All kids love stories, but she loved them just a little bit more. It was OK when things didn't’ go as expected in her ‘real’ life because she had a life all her own.

Killing a child’s spirit turns them into adults that can no longer create their own magic, and I believe, that is what happened to you.  Whether intentional or not, our purpose in this world, the reason the star dust and DNA mixed inside our mother’s womb, was turned into something to be ashamed of.

“"You are weird.”"

"“Pay attention.”"

“"What’s wrong with you?”"    (I got this one a lot.)

Listen, you don’t have to publish long stories. Becoming J.K. Rowling is probably not be your goal, neither is even finishing one entire story.  What I am more interested in is getting you to love living in your own magical world again.  I feel even a little teary-eyed thinking about this right now. I am sitting in my oversized chair in my room, an empty mug of coffee and my chubby little shih-tzu lays next to me.  Looking at me from the outside, I am not impressive to most people, but if I let go what is around me, all those rules and expectations and limitations, there is a universe inside me they cannot see.  

Bringing just a small part of that back with us into ‘reality’, that is what I want from you.  The stories you end up with may just be one paragraph long and accompanied by a series of paintings. They may turn into poems, songs sung on a ukulele. Maybe they become a script for a stop motion animation movie, with you sitting up late past bed time smoothing out faces with clay.  Maybe they become short stories, or graphic novels. Maybe they become about your life.  The common thread of all these projects begins with writing.  Even art is enriched by the stories that exist in your internal world. 

So from here on, think of me as your ten-year old friend from school who has invited you over to her house to play.  Mom is in the kitchen making gooey, hot chocolate chip cookies.  It is fall and the leaves are turning, and you and I are hunched over crayons and books and typewriters, with fairy lights twinkling around us.  We are not thinking about careers or impressing teachers or getting publishing contracts.  We are writing stories. We are sharing the magic that only 10-year old little girls really know how to get to. And we are doing it together. 

 Your friend,


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