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 I don't have a specific theme for February, and I don't think I will for March either. I think Loving Attention encompasses everything. It is the slowing down of my mind enough to look at what the hell is really going on and being honest about it.  That is keeping me busy enough, I don't need another theme for the rest of the year. 

Journal wise - I havne't been reading that many self help books, but I've been writing daily (in a private journal). Something extremely helpful has been my 0-5 scale.  Whenever I feel like my emotions get too high I write down how high they are.  0 is calm and 5 is crying and flailing my arms aound wildly. Most times I get to 3 which is bad enough.  Buddy barking for no reason or someone says something (seemingly) insensitive.  Usually a high emotion will last for a few hours and color…

Mindfulness is "the psychological process of bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment", and I believe the answer to most of my problems. But, whenever I focus on the present moment, I am judgmental about what I see. Being in the present moment is not enough, I need to be kinder to myself.

In all of the ways we can take care of ourselves, working out, eating healthy, if I don't change how I talk to myself I am never going to do those things.  And it is not even the thoughts in my head, it is the way I judge myself for having them. …

Just a little note.

If you enjoyed Paint Plan and Chronicle, I think you will love Creative Recovery. It's the same thing minus to-do lists (unless they are forcing you to do something kind for yourself.)

The prompts will be on the first of each month and will begin December 1.  

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    • Oops wrong link before!

      The video on the home page shows one way to go about it:


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    • Hi Annie - I havent made writing prompts like I did in paint and chronicle, but I want to get more direction for you on here.  I promise to do that this week. 


  • My last therapist just told me things I read in Psych 101. She also would tell me I was dealing with my life perfectly with no problems.
    Yeah right lady! Then why am I here? This also happened to be right after my son overdosed and died.
    I've also been in therapy for most of my life but she was a doozy.
    • I am sorry I just saw this today! Finding a good therapist is the most important part. Here is a starting place:



      You can read about what they specialize in and also get their name and read reviews.  

      Find a Therapist, Psychologist, Counselor - Psychology Today
      Browse our extensive directory of the best Therapists, Psychologists and Counselors near you.

    • Right on this page will be the prompt for each month, and then the CR Blog is where you can post your own pages and writing. Look for the links that are right above this chat box. 

  • I put up a guideline page today to help you with your comments and posts.

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