What journal or planner you use is not as important as what you put into it.  Whether it is store bought or sheets you make yourself, the focus on what you are doing is on healing.

I use a planner and journal combo. In my planner I use up the small vignette spaces with inspiring quotes and photo evidence of good things that happened to me that day.  Empasis is on vignette.  Whats nice about the planner is you don't have a lot of space to fill up. 

Sometimes I use the little rectangles to journal in, with the first section for my feelings, and the next section a validating positive response. I find this is very helpful when my emotions feel out of control and I don't have anyone sympathetic around to talk to.  Working through it myself is very valuable, because people are not always around!

I like the Happy Planner because they make a punch for it that makes it easy to add journal pages.
 I also keep a journal dedicated to writing down my feelings and being kind to myself. Sometimes I decorate the pages but mostly I just write. 



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What is Creative Recovery?  It is working through the problems that you have in an artistic way! 

Traditionally, therapy is just talking -to a counselor, to a peer, or to a group.  Sometimes there are writing assignments, but rarely is there art.  From the beginning of my healing journey I have combined traditional therapy with writing and art. The journals I've kept have been the best part of my recovery.

But what if you aren't an alcoholic? Well, that is not the only thing you can be recovering from. 

These are big things, and what you are experiencing may be somewhere in the middle. Maybe you can't sleep, or you aren't as confident as you used to be. Maybe your social relationships have dwindled, or your emotions are getting out of control. There are so many ways in which the human spirit struggles. Writing and drawing the truth about how I feel helps me get over awful things, but I am not a therapist. I can't help anyone but myself, but I can share my experience, strength, and hope for women going through some stuff. Our situations may not be the same, but the underlying human emotions are. What Journal Should I Use? That is up to you. 



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  Women sharing their story may be left feeling exposed, vulnerable to judgment, and/or emotionally overwhelmed. When commenting on other's pages and writing, please keep your sharing focused on your own experiences. The purpose of Creative Recovery is to promote and support mental health by sharing our individual stories.

We Are Only as Sick as Our Secrets

There are a hell-of-a-lot of things #metoo can be applied to.  I've panicked in the car before going into a party because I felt fat and my clothes were ugly. (me too)  I've eaten half a chocolate cake to stop from crying. (me too)  Sometimes, when I talk to people out in the world, I can't stop the negative thoughts in my head that tell me I am more flawed than everyone else. (me too)  Lately I have been feeling that there is so much hate in the world that nothing I do really matters. (me too)

Creepy Hollywood guys would not be fired recently if the women did not come forward in numbers and tell the truth about what has been going on in secret.  There is power in numbers for real change to take place, and in creativity, it only takes the number 2.  Me and you.  Me too. That is the basis of AA when it was created back in the day when there were no support groups.  Just one alcoholic talking to another is the remedy for a daily reprieve from insanity. (Doing something over and over and expecting different results.) Recovery is finally putting down all the masks we use to hide the crazy and saying to ourselves, hey, this is really messed up and its getting in the way of everything. But healing occurs more rapidly when we have someone to share that burden with us, not to offer advice or tell you not to let it bother you or it's time to get your sh*t together and move on.  Just someone to say, "Yes, me too."

Identify Don't Compare

You won't always relate to the experience of others, but you can identify with the feelings.  Just because I have never used heroin doesn't mean I do not know what it feels like to be so lost and emotional I want to numb out and float away.  I may never have had auditory hallucinations (which happens in schizophrenia), my negative mental chatter has certainly run my life. And although I have never attempted suicide, but I absolutely have gone for periods of time where I lost faith in human kindness and my life felt meaningless. But there for the grace of god is a saying I use often.  It is only through circumstance that I haven't done certain things.  The word I always use is 'yet'. 

Accept Life Has Grey Areas

I have dealt with and still deal with a lot of craziness in my life, but everything is not all melancholy and tragic. I have happy things happen and live in beauty too.  (Me too!) . That, my beautiful friend, is what recovery is.  Dysfunction is thinking your world is all bad and therefore wallowing in it and sliding deeper into the muck until you drown, but it's also pushing the much under a pretty pink carpet  (the plush kind, with strands of glitter) and pretending it is not there, all the while it's seeping through the fibers and everyone can see it no matter how much you deny it is there. Muck and guck doesn't go away until you acknowledge it is there and clean it up.  The women that came out publicly about the sexual abuse in their lives had good stuff going on too, but look at the healing and PROGRESS that has taken place because they risked looking vulnerable.  Admitting something is not going well is not saying you are a failure at life, although there will be some people who will judge you like that. Guess what? They need to hear your stories the most.  A person who judges the vulnerable has a problem with becoming vulnerable herself.  It is your very act of sharing your experience, your strength, and your hope, that creates the space for other women to admit what is going on with them too. We stand together in the same space, hold hands, and walk into the light. This is how we change the planet, this is how we heal.