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With the endless choices of art tribes available to join, I am honored and blessed that you chose to be a part of mine. We are women of-a-like-mind  storyteller and alchemist, dreamer and stay-at-home gypsy, wildflower and art warrior princess!

I may not be the most talented artist, but I am the most innovative, especially in mixed media. In 2006, I was the first to grab a camera and begin documenting my art in a way that would transcend physical distance - it was me and you in my living-room via a line of communication that was allowing artists all over the world to connect. Everything was possible, and still is.

It is near the end of 2017 and I am more passionate about mixed media then ever. I still find art materials to get excited about like the way Color Shift is purple and the it is blue, or the way mulberry paper is like sculpture when it gets wet. I live for this, all of this, for the art journals and the fairy-tales and the telling you about my life and then learning about yours. There is something much more important in all of this then just art lessons, this is healing. Yours, and mine.

If you liked Paint & Chronicle you will love Creative Recovery, because it’s the same thing. I changed the name chronicling because it sounds like you are documenting what you had for breakfast. I want our journals to be more meaningful than that. I also believe we are all recovering from something.

This is a free journaling group anyone can join.

Our next prompt is: MY LIFE IS MINE

In my Weekly Retreat I post one (or more) new HD Step by Step Video of a mixed media painting. You can join at anytime and see all the videos that have been archived since July! There is also an active Facebook group. My goal is to create a space each week that gets you excited about art materials! You can choose a 30, 60, or 90 day stay at my art retreat.

' November Rain' - a highly textural 12x12 painting, is still available for viewing 24/7 In the retreat room, as well as all the paintings made since July!

Our Next Theme is: Matryoshka  Dolls!  My intent is to take the traditional Russian folk style of the nesting dolls and bring it into a more realistic faced mixed media painting. The art lesson will involve combining floral patterns with the figure of Mary, but there may be two female figures. I am thinking about an 18 X 24 Canvas Panel. 

Join the Weekly Retreat here

This one-year workshop is on-going and you may start at anytime! In November we began Chapter 1: collaborating on writing a fairy-tale story. (It’s about dark fairies and secret underwater societies.) In January we begin Chapter 2 - monthly videos exploring how to illustrate with mixed media. If you ever wanted to write and paint stories and really use your imaginations and PLAY, this is a hell-of-a-lotta fun!

January 1st begins the illustrative portion of Fairytale Forest. I am offering an Early Bird Sale exclusively to my members that may be interested in writing and drawing stories with me.




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