7 fun and creative Mixed Media Workshops (28 videos!)
that focus on the importance of remembering and honoring our dead,
and deal with loss through art.

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5 HD Videos
Learn step by step how I made this stunning 24 x 30 ode to Frida Kahlo mixed media painting! After watching a documentary about the life of one of my favorite artists, Frida Kahlo, I felt moved to create this large mixed media canvas painting as an ode to her colorful yet difficult life.

One (1) PDF
One (1) introductory video plus Four (4) How-to instructional videos of this painting (approximately 3 hours total), including: 
How to draw a realistic 3/4 face using a reference photo.
How to shade a realistic face using colored pencils.
How to create a complicated mixed media background.
How to create and incorporate Day of the Dead Images and other elements into your painting and integrate the face with the background.
In addition, you will receive One (1) Time-Lapse video of the process without instruction (approx. 30 mins) (great to refer back to things quickly).

6 HD Vidos
Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, consists of the days in which the veil to the otherworld is thin and our family members are said to return each year to enjoy once again their favorite earthly pleasures and come around us for a short visit! In Central and South America, it is an important social ritual that recognizes the cycle of life and death. In this workshop, you will learn how to make two paper dolls - one representing life and the other representing death, and create an interactive art journal environment that incorporates both.

One (1) PDF
Six (6) How-to instructional videos of how to make these paper dolls along with an interactive altar / crypt in your art journal (approximately 2.5 hours total), including: 
How to create two folk-art style, whimsical paper dolls.
How to shade and color those dolls.
How to create a complicated interactive altar / crypt in your art journal.
How to integrate your paper dolls into your art journal so that they can be stored inside.

3. TROISIEME OEIL Art Journal Workshop/ with Face Instruction
6 HD Videos

The face in this workshop was used alone as a tutorial in my workshop La Visage!
VIDEO 1 (33:13)
VIDEO 2 (40:21)
VIDEO 3 (32:43)

VIDEO 1 (11:05) Time-Lapse of face
VIDEO 2 (37:46) real time
VIDEO 3 (33:05) real time

Five (5) HD Videos
One (1) introductory video plus four (4) How-to instructional videos of this journal art work (approximately 2 hours 45 minutes total), including: 

In this workshop you will learn the three most important elements of design and how to use them in your art journaling.
How to ensure the face remains the focal point of your art journal spread.
How to shade a face with colored pencils.
How to create a complicated mixed media background.
How to integrate the face into said background.

5. Zombie Girl
6 HD Videos
Supply list PDF
Original Suzi Blu Zombie Girl Template (for one-time use only)

A fun little Petite Doll Painting inspired by Monster High.

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