What is Creative Recovery(TM)?  It is working through the problems that you have in an artistic way! 

Traditionally, therapy is just talking -to a counselor, to a peer, or to a group.  Sometimes there are writing assignments, but rarely is there art.  From the beginning of my healing journey I have combined traditional therapy with writing and art. The journals I've kept have been the best part of my recovery.

But what if you aren't an alcoholic? Well, that is not the only thing you can be recovering from. 

These are big things, and what you are experiencing may be somewhere in the middle. Maybe you can't sleep, or you aren't as confident as you used to be. Maybe your social relationships have dwindled, or your emotions are getting out of control. There are so many ways in which the human spirit struggles.

Writing and drawing the truth about how I feel helps me get over awful things, but I am not a therapist. I can't help anyone but myself, but I can share my experience, strength, and hope for women going through some stuff.  Our situations may not be the same, but the underlying human emotions are.  

What Journal Should I Use?
That is up to you. Currently, I want all my recovery to be in one place. My base journal is the Dylusions Journal Small, and I add writing pages to it. 

Here is a sample Creative Recovery (TM) prompt

This quote says everything doesn't it? It is at the heart of ALL recovery.  I ask you, where in your life are you waiting for someone to come in and make it all better? Where have you dug in your heels and said, no, I'm not going to do this alone?  I hate to tell you, but you may be waiting a very long time in fact, you may be waiting forever. 

I have had extremely abusive things done to me, things we can all point at and agree, "Yeah, I can see how you didn't come back from that."  Things that prevent me from growing and moving forward.  Things that have done emotional damage.  But an interesting thing happened to me last week: there was a solar eclipse, and while the moon blocked out the sun entire for a few minutes, if you look at the pictures, a firestorm of rays burned out the sides like flying volcanos.  And I knew in that moment, my past was burned away. It's just done.  And your past, and everything anyone has ever done to hurt me, it's gone.  Its a brand new day. 

I am going to live this new life unlike the life I lived before. I am not going to list all the reasons for why I can't do things, I am going to make the changes necessary, starting off however small, so that I am doing them eventually. 

So go get a journal.  I have a FB Live video on the front page of this group that shows how I set mine up - which is just an art journal that I glue in writing paper randomly.  I will also put links on the main page to the little morning books I read - the ones I will be getting prompts from. 

The Language of Letting Go - Beattie
Believing in Myself - Larsen & Hegarty
Courage to Change - Al Anon

Feel free to make your own Blog Posts here in this group. The only thing that I ask is to not put in outside links - to your blog, to your etsy site, etc, and no selling or promoting of any kind.  Post your journal pages and write about your creative healing!

Prompt for this week:

The Butterfly Effect - What small changes can I make today that will effect my life in large ways?


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