October 1


Yesterday was the first day of fall, and even though it is still humid and none of the green summer leaves have fallen, I can feel a change in the air. A cooler, be it ever so slightly, breeze added to the air. Coffee shops have begun their push on pumpkin lattes and halloween decor is being acquired and slowly put up.

We love fall, don’t we? It is the marking part between the two halves of the year - A signal that ‘Winter is Coming’. Time to pack away our bathing suits and say goodbye to summer romances and prepare for the darker times of the year.

Whether you are religious or not, holidays and traditions help us move along with the natural flow of life. Without pumpkin spice lattes I may forget entirely that ‘Winter is Coming” and forget to buy sweaters.

I like to learn about Pagan traditions because to me they are knew and I find them interesting. They also feel a lot less commercial. Pagan holidays feel less about commercialism and more about staying in tune with our surroundings, and have been watered down as they have turned into Halloween, Easter, and Christmas. To feel a connection with all the humans that have gone before me, I turn to their religions.

In Wicca, Samhain centered around the Goddess as Crone. A wise woman leading us into the dark days of winter. It is persephone going into the underworld. A farewell ceremony to what has gone on up until last year. This coincides closely with when school starts.

Crone - wisdom, divination, rest, secrets. 
Black, crows feathers, bones, spirals 
Destroyer and healer 
So this is what I was thinking of when I began this journal on the Live Stream today. Summer is over, the butterflies are turning into ravens. It is time to harvest what we planted, and get ready for winter.

What are you ready to let go of? 
What do you want to plant for next year?


Photo Sep 30
Photo Sep 28

I invite you to my Weekly Mixed Media Retreat - a new, monthly workshop broken down into weekly step by step lessons. Use them to let go of all the week’s worries, as how-to assignments, or as a springboard to your own unique style and artistic voice. Whether you are a beginning artist needing motivation and support, or an intermediate/professional seeking state-of-the-art techniques, I hold for you a place and time for us to come together and honor our creative spirits!

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Cathy Mckean

"I painted this piece for the September Weekly Retreat which began as a graphite drawing. The concept of using elements of the Japanese term "Wabi Sabi" was very interesting to me as it is something that has a lot of meaning for me. The process was to draw the girl's face in a background, print it out and then attach with gel medium to a substrate and continue adding more layers. Unfortunately, I was out of printer ink and had no wood or canvas panels so I went ahead and glued the drawing into my Ranger journal. This is what I love most about mixed media painting - you are only limited by your own imagination! Actually, having less supplies forces you to tap into your creativity more deeply and be resourceful with what's on hand.

Once she was dry I went over her face with colored pencils to give more detail and then added some acrylic paint and finally, a layer of crackle. I let this dry overnight and then began with many more layers. The layer of crackle really emphasizes the concept of beauty in impermanence and decay. Gold shimmer paint applied in thin layers settles into the crackle to show the fine detail. I love using folk art elements in a painting and it works well in this style of art making. I'm not sure if this one is quite finished but I'll leave it for now as sometimes I go too far! This is what Suzi Blu's teaching is all about - visual storytelling. The private classroom is a great way to learn and experiment with new techniques and styles in a safe and supportive environment. I can't wait to begin our new project for next month!"