I invite you to my Weekly Mixed Media Retreat - a new, monthly workshop broken down into weekly step by step lessons. Use them to let go of all the week’s worries, as how-to assignments, or as a springboard to your own unique style and artistic voice. Whether you are a beginning artist needing motivation and support, or an intermediate/professional seeking state-of-the-art techniques, I hold for you a place and time for us to come together and honor our creative spirits!


It is not discipline or willpower, or even talent, that keeps me working, but a strong desire to bring my visions into the world. Sit with me every week in real time, just like you were here with me in the studio.


What Your 30 DAY Subscription Gives You:
* Acceptance into the online school: Suzi Blu Art
* New Video every Saturday for that month. (Downloadable)
*Access to Archived 'July' Suzi Blu Art Videos (24/7 access)
*Private FB Group
*Innovative techniques, Meaningful themes, and EPIC eye candy and motivation.


Kathy McKean


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  • ...if you want a unique teacher who combines art, spirituality and incredible teaching skills, plus a lot of fun  with lovely and so supporting women - this is the place to be !!! 

  • Suzi's artwork is beautiful and I am just learning to draw this year and have improved so much by taking her LaVisage series.  The thing about Suzi that speaks to me the most are the art journaling lessons and her honesty.  You will take a lesson and through that you will discover new things about yourself on that journey through the lesson.  This is priceless to me as a student and the growth I experience personally.

  • She is absolutely the most inspirational person I know. I started getting interested in mixed media 4 years ago. I was and am a ceramist for 25 years. But I learned most of my mixed media ideas from Suzi. She is full of ideas and her excitement for mixed media is infectious. I've only been with Suzi for several years, but I've learned so much and I am always excited about what she will be teaching next. You will not be disappointed. In fact, you will be on an inspirational journey that will lead you to become a better artist in so many ways.

  • For mixed media art Suzi is THE BEST teacher. I love the art I have made in her classes and am very grateful for her continued guidance and support. Every lesson I am learning new techniques and having great fun making beautiful art. Here is an example of a piece of work I produced from one of Suzi's classes.  I am very grateful to be a student of Suzi Blu :-)

  • Suzi Blu is an outstanding artist and a very great teacher. I appreciate the patience and support she has given me over the years!
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